Eco-Friendly Wood Fired Fireplace Alternatives

Eco-Friendly Wood Fired Fireplace Alternatives

There is nothing better in fall or winter season when warming your living space with the smell of burning wood and the crackling sound you get in intervals. A lot of us remember growing up with a wood-fired place in our home where we enjoyed spending winter. So why would you wish to consider other alternatives of a wood-fired fireplace?

The Issue With Burning Wood

Unfortunately, while wood-burning fireplaces are lovely, they’re not all that fantastic on the spending plan, your lungs or the environment! They can also be dangerous. Standard hearth chimneys lose about 90% of the heat the fire creates and siphons off some of the heated indoor air of your house, as mentioned by the EPA. Therefore, not an efficient approach to heating your living space. Inhaling burning wood smoke is likewise as hazardous as smoking cigarettes; wood smoke is loaded with carcinogens like benzene. Burning wood fuels global warming, too. Worse, the remaining soot is a heat-trapping contaminant. Wood-burning hearths require a lot of maintenance, consisting of an expert cleansing every other year in addition to routine ash clean-ups.

3 Energy-Efficient Fireplace Inserts Alternatives

3 Energy-Efficient Fireplace Inserts Alternatives

There are three popular options to replace burning wood: Natural Gas, alcohol fireplace inserts, and electric fireplace inserts. All are fantastic alternatives whether you have a working chimney and hearth inside your home. Let’s learn more about these alternatives.

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Gas Fireplaces

The first alternative style is the gas fireplace. These are typically powered by either propane or natural gas, whichever is quicker is offered in your house. They are usually inserted directly into your existing hearth and utilize the chimney as the main exhaust. This does not mean that you require a chimney to utilize one, though. You can likewise have a custom-made set up where venting can be created as needed to suit your house.

The advantages of gas fireplaces are that they are exceptionally warm, and they still have a bonafide flame. You may not even understand that you have a faux fireplace alternative, except for the fact that you’ll never need to get up to feed it another log.

The disadvantages of gas fireplaces burning gas or lp are the inherent security threats. Gas leaks can be extremely harmful, and though they are no more harmful than having a gas range, a gas fireplace is one more location where things can fail. Additionally, simply having a real flame is a potential fire risk. Granted, this is a threat you can reduce, but it is something to bear in mind.

Electric Fireplaces

The 2nd alternative to traditional fireplaces that is ending up being increasingly popular in the last several years is the electric fireplace. The charm of electric fireplaces is that they don’t have any combustion whatsoever. No flames or exhaust are created as a result of their usage at all. This suggests that they are most likely much safer and likely less of a load on the environment, depending upon how your electrical energy is produced. If you get your electricity from portable solar panels and generators, then you’re practically in the clear in this regard.

Other advantages of electric fireplaces consist of ease of setup and ease of use. When it pertains to setup, there are certainly some more elegant models that need a bit more advanced installation. You might require an electrical contractor to assist with the circuitry and a specialist to help to install it into the wall. Nevertheless, there are a ton of various designs to choose from, and you can get units that stand alone and likewise work as furniture that you can use for other purposes. This handy page from BEFR discusses some electrical fireplace systems that fit comfortably in the corner of your space.

When it pertains to relieve of use, you really can’t discover more control than you get with an electric fireplace. Many models come with different heat settings, ranging from high to low to no heat at all. That’s right; you can even run the fireplace in the summertime without triggering your house’s temperature to skyrocket. A few of the better models even have control over the color of the flames. While orange will reminisce of the conventional sensation of a fireplace, you can likewise get blue or purple flames to spice things up a bit.

You can also power electric heaters using solar panel kits. You could connect two solar panels to one battery and power more than your electric heater.

Alcohol Inserts

Note: if you are using any ventless heating system, make sure you set up a carbon monoxide gas detector in the same space. The device must satisfy UL 2034 security requirements.

A Caution About Using Ventless and Alcohol Inserts:

Ventless alcohol hearths use Ethanol, which is regularly touted as a clean-burning alternative to wood-burning and gas. Nevertheless, Ethanol produces nitrogen dioxide and co2; some alcohol fuel gels also gush formaldehyde and benzene. They are also thought about a fire danger because they are highly combustible. With any ventless fireplace (other than for electrical fireplace inserts which use no fluids to simulate fire), workout caution if your house is firmly sealed. Because they are duct- and chimney-free, carbon monoxide, and other nasties go airborne inside your house while drawing up oxygen. Some alcohol inserts likewise develop water vapor, which can trigger mold to establish. Ventless fireplaces are banned in Massachusetts and California and a few municipalities.

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Whichever style you choose, you can be sure that it will be an enhancement over your traditional fireplace in regards to the influence on the environment and the environment. Once upon a time in history, fire was something we as people required to survive. We have come a long method, and our technology has come with us. It’s time that we benefit from it for the sake of our planet.

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