Best Solar Powered Water Pump for Irrigation 

Best Solar Powered Water Pump for Irrigation

Many don’t know this, but a high-capacity portable solar panel or solar panel kit does not necessarily mean the best solar water pump.

There are several other factors to consider before we can deem any solar water pump as the best of all. Such factors include head lift, flow rate, pump efficiency, and power source flexibility. These features add to the quality and efficacy of solar-powered water pumps. 

This article will be talking about the 5 best solar water pumps for irrigation. We will be taking into account the ease of maintenance and resistance to corrosion before jumping to conclusions.

The longevity of the solar-powered water pumps is yet another factor worth considering. Let’s look at the best 5 of them all without further ado.

The Best Solar Powered Water Pumps for Agriculture 

1st Place
ECO-WORTHY 3.2GPM Solar Well Pump Kit for Irrigation By ECO-WORTHY
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Best Value
JENENSERIES 270W DC Solar Water Pump for Farm By JENENSERIES/a>
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3 ECO-WORTHY 24V Submersible Deep Well Water Solar Pump By ECO-WORTHY
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4 BACOENG 12V DC Farm & Ranch Solar Water Pump By BACOENG
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5 SHYLIYU DC 24V Solar Submersible Water Pump for Agriculture By SHYLIYU
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Below we have listed the top 5 solar-powered water pumps currently available. You can make your pick depending on your specific needs, so make sure you know what you are looking for before deciding on any of these. 

Here are the top 5 solar water pumps:

1. ECO-WORTHY 3.2GPM Solar Well Pump Kit for Irrigation

This one is worthy of the top spot due to its well-rounded nature. With a commendable maximum lift and a decent flow rate, the solar panels are efficient and powerful at the same time. The quality of the pump is yet another thing going for this one. 

It offers significant resistance to corrosion as it is made from anti-corrosion materials of various kindsThis solar powered water pump includes stainless steel strainers and copper core power cables.

So, as far as longevity is concerned, you can have this one around for years on end. Moreover, your pump is now ready to avert clogging with the stainless steel while still looking as aesthetic as ever.

The solar powered water pump comes equipped with a controller operating in 4 diverse modes, each preventing the pump from being overworked. So, in a way, this corrosion-resistant controller is responsible for its prolonged lifespan. 

Lastly, the controllers are quite flexible, and they are compatible with 12 volts and 24 volts batteries, handling either 360 or 720 watts.


  • High Maximum Lift
  • The rate of water flow is pretty good. 
  • Comes with a solar panel of high capacity. 
  • Can run on solar or DC output of a battery 


  • The rate of water flow is good, but not the best
  • The battery is not included with the battery 

2. JENENSERIES 270W DC Solar Water Pump for Farm 

This stainless steel deep-well submersible solar water pump for irrigation can be supported by batteries to make it more versatile. If you need the flexibility of pumping right on-demand, this is a good idea.

Connecting this to a solar panel will ensure high energy conversion rates and environmental friendliness. This water pump includes something we don’t often see: intelligent water shortage sensors. So if there is a water shortage, your pump will be protected due to preventive care.

Without ample water in the pump, it will stop working automatically. The pump uses NSK bearings with a permanent brushless magnet synchronous motor, providing enough power with high efficiency.

The controller that accompanies this pump utilizes MPPT technology to ensure maximum flow is delivered in all light conditions. It also protects the submersible pump from a frequent start-up in lower light conditions, running dry, or overheating with various LED display indicators.


  • Stainless Steel body
  • High head lift and large flow
  • High-quality motor
  • Easy installation
  • MPPT controller


  • Expensive

3. ECO-WORTHY 24V Submersible Deep Well Water Solar Pump 

This solar powered water pump uses a DC motor that can be directly connected to a 200W solar panel or powered by a 24V battery. It is recommended to contact the manufacturers to set up a new solar water pump system. 

This solar water pump for irrigation is suitable for wells of 4-1/8” or larger sizes. You can also use this in ponds, rivers, or water tanks. As for installation, simply connect the negative and positive poles of the water pump to the battery or solar charge controller, or solar panel.

You will see a small hole above the water pump meant for connecting the rope. Make sure you do not use wires to lift the water pump.

Many of their customers use batteries to power the pumps directly. You can use lawnmower, car, or tractor batteries for the purpose if you do not want to connect it to solar panels with 200W power or above. 

With a one-year warranty, you are eligible for a free replacement for any quality-related problem or damage during the transportation process. So, all in all, this pump has a lot going for it to be worth considering.


  • Thermal protection
  • Powerful motor
  • Low noise
  • Industrial plastics used 
  • Pure copper motor
  • Long lifespan
  • Portable design


  • Power cable loose connection
  • Multiple complaints of a faulty pump

4. BACOENG 12V DC Farm & Ranch Solar Water Pump

This pump offers a high flow rate along with efficiency and durability. With a mere 12V rating, this solar powered water pump’s flow rate is 75.7 liters or 20 gallons a minute. It can lift the water to a maximum height of 20 feet which is quite decent.

When it comes to power consumption, flow rate, maximum lift, and a few other specifications, this solar water pump for irrigation can challenge its competitors any day.

Equipped with a stainless steel body, impeller, and filter screen, this one is aesthetically pleasing while still being extremely durable. Its NBR gasket and nickel-plated screws are welcome additions.

With this pump, you don’t have to worry about corrosion. Capable of pushing out no less than 20 gallons of water a minute while consuming nearly 120W, this pump is as efficient as they come. Its primary power source is solar panels, but it can also run on a 12V battery in its absence. Note that the package does not include any controllers or batteries, so you are on your own for those. 


  • Remarkable durability
  • Very high flow rate
  • Decent maximum lift


  • No solar panel, battery, or controller in the package
  • It could have a higher maximum lift with its structure 

5. SHYLIYU DC 24V Solar Submersible Water Pump for Agriculture

With a stainless steel body, a 100% copper motor wire, and a plastic handle, this solar powered water pump embodies a simple structure with fewer components, easy maintenance, and stable and reliable performance. It ensures fewer power costs, great anti-corrosion capabilities, and larger flow rates.

If you are looking for a great lightweight solar powered water pump for gardening, pools, ponds, aquaculture, or vessels, water tanks, prairie ranches, low lying flooded areas, hot tubs, mining, industrial drainage, and so on, this pump might be a great option.

It is 100% manufacturer tested, and it is encouraged to contact them if you have any queries regarding the product.


  • Energy-saving technology
  • No sound
  • Easy installation
  • High-quality corrosion-resistant materials


  • Gasket failure complications
  • Issues with the pump

Solar Powered Water Pump for Irrigation – Buying Guide 

Solar Powered Water Pump for Irrigation

Our Solar Pumps Effective for Irrigation? 

Yes, they are. In fact, they are often recommended for various types of irrigation, such as farm or small garden irrigation. They also happen to have a low operating cost compared to their competitors. Since they run on solar energy, your energy costs are drastically lowered with solar powered water pumps.

Maintenance and damage repairs caused by harsh weather such as hail storms are the only operating costs you will have to bear to maintain the efficiency of the solar panels.

These solar powered pumps rely on the power generated when sunlight hits solar panels. So, no more high electricity bills. With the sun being a renewable energy source, they are 100% eco-friendly.

What to Look for While Buying A Solar Pump for Agriculture 

What to Look for While Buying A Solar Pump for Agriculture 

1. Maximum Flow 

What we understand by flow rate is essentially the volume of water the pump can push out per unit time, usually counted in minutes. This flow rate differs from one pump to the other, so make sure you note it while deciding on one.

Each kind of irrigation requires a certain flow rate, so some pumps might not push water out at the required irrigation rate you want, so it is always best to confirm the desired flow rate of the type of irrigation you are going for and then check the flow rate of the product to find out if they meet the necessary standards.

2. Head Lift

The maximum lift of a pump refers to the maximum vertical distance water can reach after being pushed by your pump. The water coming out of the water sources and heading to the drainage source will cover a certain distance. That’s what the maximum lift refers to. This information becomes crucial if the drainage destination is above the ground since not all pumps might meet the requirement.

3. Solar Pump Capacity 

Solar pumps require PV panels to operate, but it is important to note that pumps can only function properly if the solar panel generates ample power to get them up and running. With the inclusion of a PV panel, you do not have to think about panel capacity.

However, if you plan to buy the panel separately, do pay attention to the PV panel capacity. Verify the wattage of your pump beforehand to ensure things go just right.

Confirm that the panel produces the same power as the rating of the pump at the very least. It’s recommended to get panels that produce more power than the pump’s power rating. This takes away the worry of power loss.

4. Motor Quality 

The quality of the motor is always a concern, no matter the kind of pump you are going for. You need to get a quality check on the solar powered water pump’s motor before making a concrete decision about your purchase. A weak motor inevitably means quicker corrosion and lesser longevity. 

Ensure your pump’s motor is sturdy, stable, and certified sufficiently for prolonged use. These are important metrics to check off when pump motors are concerned. 

5. Ease of Installation 

Whichever pump you decide to purchase, it should first and foremost be easy to install. Sure, you can get professional help during installation, but the best course of action is to get an easy pump to install.

You can save a lot of money on installation and damages resulting from poor installation by keeping an eye out for easy installable solar powered water pumps.

6. Corrosion Resistance

Your water pump will constantly be exposed to water and air irrigation, especially its metallic components. So, make sure your water pump is coated with metal alloys such as stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion. While purchasing pumps, make sure you go for one with built-in corrosion-resistance features to avoid durability issues in the near future. In any case, stainless steel pumps are the best bet.

7. Power Source Flexibility 

While it’s true that powering your solar powered water pump is eco-friendly, do not forget that the sun won’t always be around. So during those times, your pump might struggle to pump power if it is not operated with other power sources.

The good news is that many solar powered water pumps also work on batteries to save you from this particular trouble. You will even find some with electric cords to help during times when the sun does not help in powering your pump.


Yes, eco-friendliness is the number one feature making solar powered water pumps best for irrigation, but there are other benefits as well. Make sure you know what you are looking for and go for a pump that has a sufficient flow rate as per your needs. 

Verify the pump’s flexibility, durability, efficiency, lift, and ease of installation and maintenance before committing to one. With that being said, the list provided in this article might help you choose the perfect water pump for you. Good luck!

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